Home of Compassion Visitors Centre Tour

November 20th, 2015 by Admin

Although the weather was not the best, those who accepted the invitation to a guided tour of the Visitors Centre at the Home of compassion, were rewarded with a warm welcome and the chance to hear more about Suzanne Aubert and the work of the Sisters of Compassion.




There was the opportunity to see a presentation on the life of Suzanne Aubert and the development of her work in helping those in need of support and nurturing.








Visitors were then free to explore the centre and ask question about the displays of early photographs and memorabilia, including some of Suzanne Aubert’s person belongings and examples of the herbal medicines she used.









There was also a chance to have a cup of tea and chat with the Sisters and other visitors.


There is a wealth of information available at the website for the Sisters of Compassion.












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