Religious Orders in our Parish

The Daughters of Our Lady of Compassion

Home of Compassion
2 Rhine St. (off Murray St.)
Island Bay

Telephone: (04) 3837134


Missionary Sisters of St. Peter Claver  SSPC

1 Mersey Street
Island Bay
P.O. Box 7312
Wellington South.

Telephone: (04) 383 8401

The Missionary Sisters of St Peter Claver consecrate their lives to God in serviceable charity of the Missionary Church.
The Sisters’ apostolate consists, primarily, in informing people of the problems, joys, news and needs of missionaries in underdeveloped countries with special regard for the mission of the Church to Proclaim the Gospel to all of mankind.

One of the special means for accomplishing their mission work is a monthly publication ‘Echo from Africa and other Countries’ which brings the missionary world right into the homes and hearts of its readers; enabling them to share in the life and work of missionaries.

The Missionary Sisters of St Peter Claver carry out their very active, though fairly hidden, missionary role in 26 countries of the world. They have Sisters from 24 nations in their various houses, working and praying side by side for one reason only; because God has first chosen them to offer their lives in self-giving for His people.

One great value of the Sisters’ vocation is ‘Community living’ – loving, praying, working for others. A second beautiful value is the participation in their work by the people here in New Zealand. Besides the ‘Echo’ as already mentioned, the Sisters have a Committee support group, organise ‘reflection days’ for young people, world wide correspondence with Missionaries and peoples as the needs of the Church arises; days of prayer. Assisting local Church as Special Ministers; being available at any time to the people in their trouble and needs.